Aphiniti Development Labs is focused on the development of intelligent, flexible and robust enterprise software to organize, automate and simplify corporate IT systems – both large and small.

“Excellence is not a gift, but a skill which takes practice.”

The current enterprise IT landscape is rapidly expanding in complexity and interdependance.  With dozens of IT systems supporting every aspect of business activity, IT teams need clear, effective tools to reduce the overload of monitioring, maintenance and control.   ADL provides a wide range of packaged and custom enterprise tools to help IT teams effortlessly maintain reliable system operations.

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”
~Steve Jobs

System monitoring, maintenance

In addition to enterprise software development, ADL is developing a fully AI-driven database development system which will allow anyone to easily create a complex, fully functional relational database application customized to their exact needs by simply explaining the objects and relationships in simple, plain language:

I have 3 product types: flowers, pots and soil.  Flowers have many varieties. Pots have different shapes, sizes, colors and materials.  Soil has different types and sizes.

I want to track computer assets assigned to users.  Each computer can be considered in-use, spare, or broken.  Each user can have many computers. Each computer can have another device: monitor, mouse, keyboard.