Instant, complex database application construction

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Welcome to aphiniti

The aphiniti project is developing pioneering AI to easily and quickly construct complex, custom relational database structures and user interfaces based on any given group of objects and information based on simple end-user, easy language instructions.

Check out the latest release demo here: http://demo.aphiniti.com
* username: demo@aphiniti.com / password: Passw0rd

More information, documentation and helpful tools for aphiniti will be released shortly.


To install aphiniti you will need a PHP server platform with either MySQL or MariaDB. We strongly recommend using PHP/Apache on CentOS 7.0+ with MySQL 5.6 database server, but it can also be installed on Windows with a functioning framework configuration.

Getting the Source Code

Developers, programmers and non-commercial users are welcome to the current Aphiniti beta source code upon request. To access the source code please contact the aphiniti development team with your GITHUB ID. You will need to first logon to GITHUB with an Aphiniti connected GITHUB ID to access the download links. Please email the support team with your GITHUB ID for access:

[support at-mark! aphiniti dot! com]

Support or Contact

If you are having problems using or installing aphiniti please check out the documentation at http://aphiniti.com, post an issue to our github repository or contact the Cordeos aphiniti development team for assistance:

[support at-mark! aphiniti dot! com]

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